Top 6 At Home Workouts During Lockdown

During these stressful times, one of the main things that has been keeping us relatively sane and positive is our daily workouts. With all the gyms shut our favourite trainers have risen to the challenge and have been providing us with a multitude of at home workouts. Start your day with an energising HIIT workout to get those endorphins flowing or end it with a chilled out yoga flow to calm the nervous system. It’s never been easier to try out that class that you’ve been meaning to sign up to for ages or try something completely different and out of your comfort zone (handstand workshop anybody?). With so many amazing options flooding our social media it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to choose. Luckily for you we’ve compiled our top workouts no matter what you’re looking for!  

HIIT Workouts
Trainer/Studio: Harry Grenville/Josh Cooper/Hayley Woodruff from Milo & the Bull @miloandthebull
What to expect: We recommend having a towel to hand for these super sweaty, no equipment necessary, HIIT style workouts from one of our favourite studios in London. Great for when you need that extra push and really want to get your heart rate skyrocketing. A challenging workout but immensely satisfying once finished! 

When: Every Monday at 7.30am and Saturday at 9.30am you can join either @harrygrenville or @joshcooper90 on Instagram live for free or if you want your daily dose then sign up for £5 to join online via Zoom.

Strength Workouts

Trainer/Studio: Georgie Harris, Online PT @georgiehharris

What to expect: We love Georgie’s at home strength workouts that will leave you unable to walk for days after! Minimal equipment is required and Georgie gives you lots of great variations if you’re missing any pieces. Really easy to follow videos with the workout structure posted below and clear videos of each exercise so you can’t go wrong. Definitely worth checking out if you’re worried about losing strength during lock down. 

When: Regular workouts posted on Georgie’s Instagram page as well as IGTV’s that you can watch at any time. Keep an eye out on her stories for when the Instagram lives are. 

Yoga and Mobility

Trainer/Studio: Shona Vertue, Ex Elite Gymnast, Yoga Teacher & PT @shona_vertue

What to expect: Workouts to get your body strong, flexible and functional. If you’re feeling a little stiff from sitting at a desk all day, Shona’s workouts are for you. Educational and form perfecting videos with a sense of humour. Shona’s Youtube channel has an abundance of different yoga and strength sequences for you to check out as well as daily Instagram posts. We recommend trying out her mobility videos as well as her “Yoga for Runners”. Now’s a great time to strengthen those weaker supporting muscles and stretch out those niggles with more time to focus on lower impact exercises. 

Where: There’s a catalogue of videos on Shona’s YouTube channel as well as a weekly schedule on her Instagram. 


Trainer/Studio: Becky Cawood @rebecca_by_becky_co from @corecollective/@paolasbodybarre

What to expect: Intermediate yoga flows from this little ray of sunshine, Becky. Your arms will really feel the burn after Becky’s classes! Great for strengthening your core, lengthening and toning your muscles and will leave you feeling energized and zen for hours afterwards. A great class to start off your weekend.

When: Every Saturday at 10am on Instagram live. Private virtual group classes for £8 per person can also be purchased if you want to grab a bunch of your mates and do a workout together.

Dance Party Cardio 

Trainer/Studio: Maeve Madden, PT @maeve_madden

What to expect: Lots of laughs and feel good vibes with Maeve’s daily online workouts. Our fellow Irish girl doesn’t take herself too seriously and provides fun, no equipment required, cardio based workouts that anyone from beginner to intermediate can follow along. Great for when you’re not in the mood to workout and you need motivation to get that body moving. You’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face once you’re done!

When: Most days at 10.30am on Instagram live as well as multiple workouts posted on Maeve’s Instagram feed. 


Trainer/Studio: Paolas Body Barre, a barre studio with multiple different trainers each day @paolasbodybarre

What to expect: A class close to our hearts after years of ballet training, the burn from a PBB class is the closest we’ve felt to a full on ballet class. Low impact but don’t let that deceive you, we definitely recommend stretching after as you will feel this workout in muscles you never knew you had! The lunch time classes are a great way to break up the day if you’re working from home.

When: Every day- morning, lunchtime and evening classes, £8 for a single class, class packs can also be purchased.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and comment below if you give some of these workouts a go! We'd love to hear what you think.

Stay safe and stay active,

Olly Olly & co x